Saturday, 6 February 2010

Getting Horror Close, Personal

Hey, horror fans and like, BD admin' have handed the blog torch to myself!

While I've always been accessible to horror fans I thought I'm updating my Twitter, facebook etc and you guys, girls and crazies were getting news sometimes a day late. So from now on I'll be posting the Breathing Dead and horror news. Direct from the horses mouth. A big thanks to @kellytwink and BD folk!

Okay, Terminus the Horror Drama has finished filming, it'll be entered in film fest's across UK/Europe and the USA/Canada. Watch the trailer here: Director Sean Parsons and Innerface films have done a great job bringing the character of Anushka alive! You can also see headshots of the amazing cast.

The Breathing Dead Webcast show will be revamped, no pun intended, with a new style and new presenter.

I've been typing away with my werewolf novel Darkest Moons, I've written in a UK cult horror figure with her kind permission. (can't reveal who yet).

Whilst I was expecting Blood Hunger the novel to be out late '09 early/Jan'10 the editing process has taking longer than I expected. Deathwatch will follow quickly after.
In the meantime you can view the inspired photo shoot here:

I'm developing another horror film...

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We'll that's it for now, keep it creepy and Hammer Horror Home!

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