Saturday, 28 January 2012

B horror - Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

After escaping from jail, The Gingerdead Man finds himself in a time machine destined for killing and a roller disco.

Opening with a highly amusing Silence of the Lambs paradox including a muffin throwing his cream over Clarissa Darling stating he can smell her Muff-in, you know what in for - or do you? The previous Gingerdead instalments were B-average at best and this is no exception.

Once Ginger goes back to the 70's it's a series of some Porky's gags mixed with scene on scenes of roller skating linked by some t & a and few and far between kill scenes including gun play, acid attack and a nail gun assault. By the end it all crumbles apart with annoying kids and time travelling history figures cameos.

While no one expects Oscar material from Full Moon you always hope for some-kind of return to former glory. You could spend 80 minutes watching Puppet Master or Blood Dolls but if your a fan of Gingerdead and 1976 this one will roller Boogie you to death.

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