Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fullmoon's Oblivion and Backlash

Not my best post I admit, but I love some of FullMoon's films so I thought I'd indulge in some of there lesser known nuggets...

Oblivion  (1994)

Set in the year 3031 on a frontier planet light years away from Earth, a bizarre gang of desperadoes set on turning the tumbleweed town of Oblivion into their own private haven.

Made nearly 20 years before the pretentious Cowboys and Aliens Oblivion is an obscure FullMoon nugget.

Although the costumes and sets appear cheap they’re fitting enough in this outlandish western futuristic alien tale. Despite the offbeat humour and pacing director Sam Irvin gives us forcefields, cyborgs, fistfights, spaceships, guns, gadgets and giant Harryhausen- like scorpions. Oblivion is an 90s film with and 1980’s b-feel and 70s stock soundtrack heart.

The ‘Biff Tannen’ villain Redeye played by Andrew Divoff makeup is effective. There’s an odd mix pop-culture cast including Batman’s Julie Newmar, Star Treks George Takei, singing legend Isaac Hayes, Master of the Universe and They Live’s Meg Foster to name a few. There’s also a leather-clad whip sporting Musetta Vander who looks particularly fetching.

If you like B-films and enjoy the unlikely list of genre crossovers Oblivion is the closest you’ll get to a live action BraveStarr.

Oblivion 2 - Backlash (1996 release)
The wild desert planet of Oblivion, bounty hunter Sweeny is search for a saboteur and all hell breaks out in town when the mark strikes a deal to control the mining of Derconium.

Backlash, is padded with a lengthy title sequence and a seven-minute round up of the FullMoon original Oblivion but still crams in plenty of what looks like made for TV action, as the Lash (Musetta Vander) joins with Jaggar (again Andrew Divoff) evil twin of reptilian Redeye.

There’s a barrage of flimsy in-jokes (Star Trek’s George Takei flashing the Vulcan greeting) Meg Foster, Julie Newmar, Isaac Hayes and the rest of the original cast return (as the films were conveniently shot back to back). There’s a new addition Maxwell Caulfield as Sweeney but like its predecessor Vander steals the show.

Director Sam Irvin delivers more campy Western, Science Fiction fun but you have to be a lover of B-films to enjoy.

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