Thursday, 10 May 2012

Another found tape review: Tape 407

Tape 407 (2012)
Survivors of an aeroplane crash find themselves close to government testing area, pursued by predators they get picked off one by one.

Another Blare Witch, Paranormal Activity, REC, Zombie Diaries to name a few camera style POV film. Despite an impressive created crash site set, CGI 'dinosaur' effects and young Abigail Schrader's acting, Tape 407 is average at best. It's packed with annoying screaming, shaky camera, bad make-up, sub- par performances and a painfully predicable ending.
Where as the likes of the mediocre Grave Encounter's made sense to have a camera at all times this falls short in logic and execution. I'm sure the production and crew worked extremely hard and it may have worked better if conventionally filmed. That said, it still would have had the short falls previously mentioned.

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