Saturday, 6 April 2013

REC 3 Genesis - Plenty to see here review

A wedding day is left ruined when the bride, groom, guests and staff have to survive a zombie-like attack.

Running parallel to its predecessors, Rec 3 Genesis follows the 'outbreak' during a wedding night. Director Paco Plaza's sequel although lighter in tone still has its fair share of jump scares, gore, poignant and heartbreaking lose moments. Finley edited Plaza's part 3 is compellingly shot at first in the style of first and second film however after the lengthy prologue it switches to a traditional film style with the soundtrack and score complimenting the the mood perfectly.

Here some of the 'infected' move at a slower pace, there's the obligatory blood spatter, deaths and outstanding special effects including a grizzly chainsaw scene.

Writers Luiso Berdejo, David Gallart and Plaza continue the sub-religious plot established in the other instalments including a nice touch where the rabid guests are unable to cross over hallowed ground.The supporting cast are mostly strong, notably is the bride Clara who is wonderfully portrayed by Leticia Dolera.

After all said and done, Genesis while removed slightly from the Rec and Rec 2 is a good fresh addition with a brave ending if even if a side piece companion of sorts to the originals.