Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tarzan 2013

On investigating an ancient meteor in the jungle a boy's parents are killed and he is raised by a gorilla. As a young man he encounters his humankind again which puts him and the jungles inhabitants in danger.

Without being uppity, oddly people are incessant, comparing this 2013 version to Disney's Tarzan (1999) which is a redundant consideration of the similarities or dissimilarities between the two films. The Tarzan character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs is over 100 years old, there has been numerous incarnations across many mediums over the years.

After the prehistoric opening and the destruction of the dinosaurs this attempt by director Reinhard Klooss hits all the familiar beats of Tarzan incarnations including Jane, there's also the greedy corporation angle that's been well trodden (instead of riches it's the greed for the meteor's unique energies).

The CGI colourful animation is crisp, clear and wonderfully rendered. While no more wayward than some of the other Tarzan stories out there it is still not the most engrossing Tarzan tale. The pacing is a little slow and narration is a little sluggish, that said, it looks great and has an edginess about it.

If your looking for a definitive version of Tarzan, or something better than some of the classic black and white films or the much loved Filmation Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle this isn't it but it's not that bad either.

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