Friday, 6 March 2015

Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles

Hey, I haven't shared my comments on a zombie film for, oh, about two minutes now, so here's another one:

*** This review may contain spoilers about zombies that you probably already knew***

A loan man survives a zombie-like outbreak and finds the perfect hiding place, a military compound.

Extinction successfully borrows and merges from the best trying to appease all walks of zombie fans, there's slow walking, fasting running, hibernating, green and red blooded infected. 

It's dark, gloomy with the solid cinematography, a muted colour palette and style reminiscent of 28 Days/Weeks Later and Mutants to name a few. Thanks to a minimalist script the acting for the most part is pretty naturalistic. The mix of different foreign English accents gives it a worldwide edge. 

The story works with the initial military base set up where Tom Keller sets up home, what follows is an exposition flashback then flash forward back to the present. There's voice over narration by actor Daniel Buder who plays Keller who also makes diary logs to a web-cam throughout. Tobias Kay is particularly notable as laid back Max Fischer and the supporting cast including Luise Bähr's Sattler and sharp shooting Lee Rychter as Luke who are all effective enough. 

With some good effects and a complementary score it then takes a different direction when Keller finds other survivors, brings them back to the base and they then try to get to a bunker. There's not as much tension as it could have but it blows away most modest budget zombie films. Director Niki Drozdowski offers a well made zombie drama with some good action setups and periodic fighting scenes on the doom and gloom atmospheric backdrop. 

It's a solid serious entry to the genre and although it breaks no new ground and can be a little sluggish its one of better zombie films doing the rounds.

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