Saturday, 25 April 2015

Chappie - number five is alive

A state of the art robot is damaged, becomes self aware and must chose his own path of right or wrong.

Reminiscent of Ridley Scott's classic Blade Runner theme, Chappie is another defining film about what it means to be human. Borrowing the interesting elements and some design cues from Robocop, I-Robot and Short Circuit 2 to name a few it displays more of director Neill Blomkamp's visual panache. 

With a nod to He-Man it is very much about morales. It has a fulfilling narrative, intelligence, artificial or otherwise, its one of the better of robot-themed action films that starts with a Bambi like childlike droid brought to life by excellent effects and Sharlto Copley who shines amongst the unscrupulous characters. It's fast paced, meaningful, compelling and should hold the A.I. crowd or action viewers attention.

As with the recent smaller budgeted film Automata it has interesting concepts with themes touching on child soldiers, drones and gang pressure to name a few. From the beginning to the fitting closing it peaks intrigue. While cartoonish in places with its shootouts and 'bad guys' it has grit, ragged edges and realism synonymous with Blomkamp's work. It's has a good score and fantastic earthly effects and the location shoot sells it. 

Chappie's dirty grimy world has lots of subtext and plenty to say, which maybe overlooked, even if a little paint by numbers it's amalgamated ideas and presentation makes it a must see science fiction film.

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