Monday, 10 August 2015

100 Feet (2008)

Marnie Watson after being released from prison and placed under house arrest is being haunted by her abusive policeman husband having killed him in self-defense.

Directed and written by Eric Red 100 Feet is very much a vehicle for the exceedingly likable Famke Jannsen in this Hitchcock Rear Window like set up only here Red plays on her police tag stopping her leave the house. Reminiscent of Stir of Echoes and countless other horrors it works better when there's practical effects rather than in your face CGl. What could have been played out as a subtle subtext pulls no punches as the abusive ghost angle is interesting, tackling the subject of marital physical abuse head on. 

Bobby Cannavale's small role is notable and the everyday borough setting gives the film some weight. While the tale is very straight forward Red offers some wince inducing violent scenes, some spooky set ups and to its credit it goes against the norm with some surprising ghost attacks during the day. 

Jannsen fans will be pleased and for fans of the genre while not particularly scary the shocks are enough to pass the time swimmingly.

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