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Terminator Genisys 2

As a Terminator fan especially the of first, despite the effort and it's budget I was disappointed with the output Genisys. It had a disappointing performance in the USA but faired better Internationally and the series has been placed on hold to re-adjust and has since been removed from Paramount's schedule.

I don't usually write fan fiction but I sat down and wrote this story synopsis sequel which I pitched to Sky Dance. It's a proposition to retain the existing continuity as a whole and serve as a sequel to Alan Taylor's Terminator Genisys and bring the series of films to a close.  

If you like what you've read and if this is something you'd like to see, if it takes fan encouragement to get Sky Dance interested in this, then I guess that's what it would need. Maybe start a campaign to further attract their executives attention in a bid for them to finance, and develop this story into a screenplay and the next Terminator film.

*contains spoilers*

Proposed Story Synopsis by A.M. Esmonde
Based on the characters created by Laeta Kalogridis; Patrick Lussier; James Cameron; Gale Anne Hurd
Act One 1973 - 1984
We see The Guardian terminator between 1973 and 1984 train a young Sarah Connor where they develop their woman and machine relationship (echoing Leon 1994, Hanna 2011). During  this time the two periodically have several dangerous brief encounters with the T-1000 which killed her parents.
Act Two May 11, 1984
Just as they prepare to terminate the T-800 in 1984 Kyle Reese appears vexed  having come through time from the future, 2027. He explains that their actions by destroying Genisys (in the events of Terminator Genisys) created a cross time dimensional Skynet (Alex) T-5000 which changed John into a Terminator which The Guardian eliminated. Reese gives details that the multiple time travelling has caused splinter timelines hence why Judgement day keeps moving and Skynet in turn now always wins. It is Skynet who reprogrammed ‘Pops’ and sent T-1000 to 1973 to start the chain of events to create itself. They must restore the linear timeline which will theoretically erase the spiderweb-like timelines. They allow the Terminator to encounter the three punks Rick, Johnny (nicknamed Kotex), and the third Mark (who ends up giving his clothes to the Terminator) .
Act Three 2027
A flash-forward shows an elaborate future war (reminiscent of those seen in the Terminator films) where both The Guardian and Sarah (only ten years older after 2017 events  of Terminator Genisys) try to stop the T-5000 but are killed by T-5000 Skynet Alex. Reese scrambles the T-5000's cross dimensional field defence grid long enough for him to use the Time Displacement equipment to go through time to warn The Guardian and Sarah of the danger (above as in Act Two).
Act Four May 12,1984
The T-1000 on its way to a bargain basement department store to intercept Kyle Reese’s arrival (unaware that Kyle isn’t going to come through time) is about to kill the beat cop (from the Terminator). Reese, the Guardian and Sarah cut him off and a set of alternative events play out slightly different (from Terminator Genisys). Sarah vents more anger to T-1000 killing her parents and the T-1000 is eventually destroyed in the acid bath (as in Terminator Genisys). The Guardian then leaves to destroy the time machine he’d built. Relieved, after drinks to calm down in Tech Noir later Kyle and Sarah sleep with each other.
Reese, The Guardian and Sarah allow the T-800 to continue its mission following his movements closely to a point where it kills the first Sarah in Hatterass St. in Studio City (as seen in The Terminator) and second Sarah Connor (investigated by the West Valley Division of the LAPD) from the phone book. After a failed attempt to blow up the T-800 in its Panama Hotel room in the Silver Lake district the group confront the T-800, a face-off ensues where both Reese and the Guardian tragically die. Sarah then manages to terminate the T-800 by crushing it in an elevator shaft and later destroys all remnants of the T-800 and The Guardian in the acid bath where the T-1000 was destroyed.
Sarah now working in Big Jeff's family restaurant finds she is pregnant with John knowing/believing that her and her baby will now have a normal future.

©The Terminator (6) Impede A.M. Esmonde 2015

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