Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Vampire Tale the film and the future of A Zombie Tale...

The Breathing Dead 'A Vampire Tale' bites into production.
A short cut version will appear in association with the UK film council on Virgin media shortly.
This will supersede the current rough test version on the Internet.
'Harley Horror' will star and the full version of the film that will screen later this year.

Their first bite will be your last...
Get your cross and garlic ready this will get messy!
can be viewed click here for the first exclusive stills!

The Breathing Dead Zombie Tale's future uncertain?

We don't think so!

The audio book is in production and we're excited once again! The comment from A. M. Esmonde was this:

'It has the emptiness of George's (Romero's) best flicks. Mix that with the emptiness of Jeff Waynes WOTW, then add a dash of fellow Welsh man and legend Burton (Richard) style narration, provided by the UK's largest voice speaker.... What can I say? It's a zombie fans ear pleaser.'

With news of a possible graphic novel and film in the works, The Breathing Dead is very much alive, er, or is that dead?

Watch this space...

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