Tuesday, 9 June 2009

NEWS! The Vampire Film, The Zombie graphic novel and the Audio book

We've got a lot of horror to update you with!

A Vampire Tale the Film Based on the novel by A.M. Esmonde will be released shortly...

A short teaser version will appear on Virgin Media shorts 13th June. This will then be followed by the full-length edit of A Vampire Tale that will appear in festivals in the USA and the UK.

Early concept storyboards of scenes in A Vampire Tale the Film.
The five minute Harley Horror screen test can be found here: WATCH THE SCREEN TEST
The Breathing Dead A Zombie Tale Graphic novel!

A Zombie Tale the graphic novel is in prep, The Breathing Dead will make ideal graphic novel it's great source material.

Audio book update!

In addition, the UK's most listened to voice Paul Rees and DJ on The Volts Show has provided the novel's audio book narration. A. M. said, 'I'm lucky to have found the right people for the job.' We've been informed the audio book is currently having some subtle sound effects and music added.

We'll keep you updated as news develops...

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