Monday, 22 February 2010

Vampires: Terminus from page to film

I never set out to write another new book, I was already midway through writing my first novelette but I fell in love with some characters and story ideas...

I was seduced by Blood Hunger, by the idea of vampir or vampire, so much so I directed a photo shoot on the subject with some fine actresses and models. (view here)
The ideas in the novel while not as glossy as in the photo shoot are reminiscent of Bram's and Hammer Horror are very different, from Wheadon, Rice and Meyers to name a few.
Blood Hunger is set in modern day Europe, mostly Wales and England. It flashes back to the 15th century showing the downfall of the vampire and forward to their return in the present day. I should state, there are no vampires through the ages as such or hybrid cross-overs. As with all my books the women are centre stage, this is a woman's world and this makes it very different to what's been written before.

Who would have thought in a less than a year later I would have made two films based on the subject.

Revamped: A Vampire Tale was my first short film starring Harley Horror, followed by Terminus the film which began shooting in the USA on 5th September. With a dedicated cast of fine actors, mostly with a theatre background the camera's began to roll under the director and writers eye, Sean P. Parsons.

Sean's knowledge and expertise is difficult to match. It made my job so much easier during the production. I trusted Innerface films an Sean 110% and it's rare for a partnership, especially over 3000 miles apart to work, yet work it has.
Innerface's selective use of a small budget has given the a film the look and feel of a higher budgeted production. The working title was 'Acrylic', and dispute being a vampire film it's very different from what you've seen in this current saturated genre, Sean's take is very different to Blood Hunger but has the core elements of journey of redemption and self worth.

Terminus is drama, packed with emotion that reflect today's hardship. There are glimpse of action and horror but it essentially it is a though provoking piece.
Terminus is a American/British collaboration - InnerFace Film's LLC (USA) and my company The Breathing Dead Ltd (UK) that wrapped post production in January. The film has been entered into several key festivals that I'll naturally keep you updated on.

Terminus features the character Anushka, (played by Katherine DuBois) daughter of Lazar who features in my novel Blood Hunger.

It's set partly on the outskirts of Ellicott City in a condemned paper mill, where Anushka is haunted by loneliness and self-imposed isolation until a chance meeting tests her resolve.

More about Terminus to come, in the meantime visit:

Due to promotion commitments with Terminus my novel Blood Hunger will be delayed.

This means that the Audio book adaptation maybe released before the book.
There's not enough hours in the day to do both film and novel PR.
In the meantime I'll try and get a sample chapter online. Thanks for your patiences and support.


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