Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blood Hunger the Vampire horror.

My vampire novel Blood Hunger will see the light of day this year. It has been like a real vampire, lurking in the dark waiting for the right moment to reveal it's self...

So what is it about?

An explorer makes a discovery in the Alps of Romania, dubbed the 'Ice Prince' find it is significant enough to put him and his girlfriend Lucia Ferrara in the media spotlight.

Iliana and her sister’s journey to the United Kingdom, news that the ‘Ice Prince’ had been discovered ceases their many years of blood abstinence and they unleash a bloodthirsty terror on humankind leaving a trail of death from London to the Welsh countryside.

From the fall of the vampire and the Dracul brothers in medieval Europe to their return in the present day.

Prepare yourself, their first bite will be your last!

I hope you'll enjoy the horror adventure!

For the trailer of the spin off film Terminus visit:

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