Monday, 31 October 2011

Zombie Horror DEAD PULSE - Read the opening here!

Hello zombie walking undead eaters! Thank you for all your support.

So what’s Dead Pulse about? The dead have returned to life…

The world’s focus is on the city of Ravenswood and the once idyllic town of Farmore as platoons and scattered survivors fight the hordes of the dead, unbeknownst one of them holds the key to end the undead’s reign of mayhem. Across the city at a body disposal plant a small group take shifts on the ‘death watch’. Their hopes hinge on the soldiers of Farmore to rescue them. But with no contact for months, no food and surrounded by the dead, have they got what it takes to survive?

With death at their door, only time can tell…

Click on the link below to enjoy the opening of my walking dead zombie horror Dead Pulse free. Enjoy!


Check out the calm before the storm trailer below.

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