Monday, 18 June 2012

Safe House Review

Safe House (2012)

A disgraced former CIA agent Tobin Frost hands himself over to avoid being killed in Africa where he is taken to a Safe House for questioning over seen by an unproven agent Matt Weston. However, when the Safe House is compromised, the rookie questions who he can trust and they both embark on a dangerous journey.

There are great performances all round in this well cast thriller. Ryan Reynolds is partially good as the dedicated inexperienced C.I.A agent. He plays Weston straight exclusive of any wise cracks. Denzel Washington is on form as Frost, a shady captivate in a role that emotes likability and doubt reminiscent of his Oscar wining performance in Training Day (2001). Robert Patrick, Brendan Gleeson and the rest of the cast are great in their supporting roles. Vera Farmiga mirrors her Source Code role and Sam Shepard gives a weighty routine.

While Safe House is well made, entertaining and finely acted it's a predicable ride. Written by David Guggenheim his dialogue is in good health but if you've seen Killer Elite, Training Day, Safe, Salt or Bourne to name a few the story delivers a standard affair. Daniel Espinosa direction is noteworthy, the African setting and set pieces are realistic, hard hitting and gritty, the stunts are superb. There's double crossings, crooked operatives and it asks a few questions about government administrations.

Overall, an entertaining ride with fine performances, it's only hampered by the less than fresh story.

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