Friday, 2 August 2013

IT revisited - Down here we all float.

After a spate of disappearances and child killings in the 60s a group of kids confront the malevolent unearthly cause of the murders, later as adults they reunite to stop the evil once and for all.

Without drawing comparisons to Stephen King's novel of the same name, Tim Curry's creepy and unnerving performance as Pennywise the Clown is still the the main reason to watch IT. Another is for the child actors excellent performances in the 1960s segments - reminiscent of 1959 set Stand by Me (1986) another adaptation of King's works.

Director Tommy Lee Wallace captures the dreamy small American Derry, Maine setting admirably and Richard Bellis' score is fitting an eerie when required. The cast include Richard Masur in a small vital part, Richard Thomas of "John-Boy"" Walton fame, John Ritter and Annette O'Toole are adequate but notable are the outstanding Emily Perkins as the young Beverly Marsh, Seth Green as Richie and Brandon Crane as Ben Hanscom.

Yes, It suffers for some TV trappings and as many have pointed out the second half is less effective with many of the children's adult counterparts delivering soap opera performances and Curry appearing less. Some of the effects are dated and the second half drags like many other TV attempts of King's work. Nevertheless, the werewolf, the photo book and the Pennywise makeup to name a few still hold up 23 year later. Thankfully It predates the influx usage of DTV CGI.

Overall, It still retains its creepy value especially for a TV miniseries.

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