Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Unbeatables - a football film of two halves

A father tells the story of how one small town's survival hinged on a football match and some table-football players.

It's a competent CGI animated film by Juan José Campanella which like the Monster in Paris and Book of the Dead has an off beat non mainstream European/Latino feel. The dubbing issues of the U.K version aside (clearly it's not animated to the UK actors voices) it is a fun tale about football and friendship rather than winning; as the toys help their beloved owner tackle his childhood bully (now a rich footballer) who wants to by his town and win the heart of the town sweetheart.

With a slow opening it soon picks up speed when the little table-football players magically come to life, it pokes fun at football players in general, some jokes may go over the children's heads and it's a little creepy in places with screaming rats in a dump and a wacky clown. The stereotype toy lead players go from one set up to the next to save a friend and regroup, to the final showdown football match to the beat of Emilio Kauderer's music. 

Some gags hit the mark, some fall flat, but the underdog tale is entertaining enough as the locals come together to taken on a professional team.

This maybe the best computer animated table-football film out there, but it's also probably the only one.

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