Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Feed the Gods

This review like the title and poster of the film may contain spoilers 
After the death of their foster-mother two brothers go back to the town where they were born only to find the place holds a deadly secret.

Thankfully Feed the Gods is not a found footage, hand-held camera movie. It is comparable to The Wicker Man, borrowing elements in terms of story. Its laced with horror and off beat humour. However, writer/director Braden Croft has a lot on his hands and it never quiet merges the two tone elements like Cabin in the Woods, nor is it wacky enough to to be as entertaining as Tucker and Dale Versus Evil. 

Croft's writing works best when the middle of nowhere town's conspiracy aspects and vigils (reminiscent of Hot Fuzz) are centre stage rather than the shoehorned one liners. The unnecessary moments of POV camera stuff plonked in aside Shawn Roberts is memorable as Will, the loser geeky older brother and Erica Carroll gives a great performance.

Croft's direction is great, thankfully it is for the majority traditionally shot and not another shaky cam film and he creates atmosphere especially during the opening and introduction to the rural townsfolk but it never fully reaches its full potential even with the well designed beast showing up in the latter half. It possibly would have worked as a welcomed all out serious horror or a full on comedy. 

Yes the main plot reveal is predictable from the outset given away by the films own title but thanks to the Bigfoot effects and likable lead its certainly worth checking out rather than writing it off.

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